Jean Crane

Artist’s Statement:

I am very interested in the boundaries between shapes, how they come together and the push and pull as they affect each other. I like manipulating values so that some shapes come forward, and others are pushed into the background.

Flowers have been a focus, but more often now than in the past in a wilder, less formal setting, and just at the very beginning edge of the disintegration. The dark backgrounds are an important emotional element – they symbolize the source of life and energy that the flowers have come out of, and to which they will eventually return.

Another theme that I have been exploring are the distortions and reflections that glass creates – almost like small universes mirroring the environment but unique and complete in themselves.

Jean Crane
Autumn Patterns by Jean Crane
Autumn Patterns
13.5 x 20.5 in.
Flowers with Glass by Jean Crane
Flowers with Glass
34 x 27 in.
Hostas by Jean Crane
30 x 25 in.
Lilies in Space by Jean Crane
Lilies in Space
23 x 30 in.
Spring Rythm by Jean Crane
Spring Rythm
20 x 27 in.
Untitled by Jean Crane
10.5 x 7 in.