Jewell Riano-Bradley

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Artist's Statement:

I find great pleasure in exploring printmaking, particularly collagraphs. My artworks, whether realistic or nonobjective, are filled with images inspired by the art media and process itself.  I begin my collagraphs by making a series of prints from collaged shapes (from cut paper, cloth, string or other textured surface) on a large press. When the ink is dry, the images make their presence known - reminding me of the childhood experience of discovering shapes in the clouds. Then, I work to define and enhance these images, making a drawing and adding additional color by inking with a brayer through stencils. I pay close attention to composition and design, and finally, finish the work by rendering details with colored pencils. Each design seems to trigger ideas for another design - truly a creative process.

Artmaking enables me to immerse myself in the experience, a rather self-centered process, to act on the impulse to create, and to manipulate paint, pencil, pen, and ink into visual order - all of which make

Jewell Riano-Bradley
Angel by Jewell Riano-Bradley
36 x 28 in.
Castle Garden by Jewell Riano-Bradley
Castle Garden
49 x 34 in.
Centerpiece by Jewell Riano-Bradley
22 x 30 in.
Huddled Doves by Jewell Riano-Bradley
Huddled Doves
28 x 36 in.
Mountain Laurel by Jewell Riano-Bradley
Mountain Laurel
49 x 34 in.
Perfect Balance by Jewell Riano-Bradley
Perfect Balance
34 x 28 in.
The Gardener by Jewell Riano-Bradley
The Gardener
30 x 22 in.
The Right Vase by Jewell Riano-Bradley
The Right Vase
22 x 30 in.