Shirley Johnson

Artist Statement:  

When I was introduced to alcohol ink as a medium, I was immediately attracted to its organic, vibrant, free-flowing qualities. It can be blended, blown, pushed, pulled, or let simply to “blossom”. I realized the free-flowing inks were a perfect medium to interpret nature….landscapes, gardens, flowers….all the things I grew up with in the country.

Art created with alcohol ink has an organic nature about it, as if created by the universe, not by a painter's hand. As the artist, I might be the one applying the ink, but because the ink doesn’t absorb into non-porous substrates, it sits on the surface, blending and blossoming, moving with a mind of its own.

So while the universe creates, I participate in the process…creating vibrant, sometimes whimsical, paintings of the beautiful, chaotic, natural world of all things botanical. Bold, clear colors and simple shapes are the hallmark of my art.

Artist Biography: 

Shirley Johnson
A New Day by Shirley Johnson
A New Day
5 x 7 in.
A Rose is a Rose by Shirley Johnson
A Rose is a Rose
4 x 4 in.
Autumn Birch by Shirley Johnson
Autumn Birch
5 x 7 in.
Blue Iris by Shirley Johnson
Blue Iris
7 x 5 in.
Blue Vase #1 by Shirley Johnson
Blue Vase #1
5 x 7 in.
Cone Flowers by Shirley Johnson
Cone Flowers
4 x 4 in.
Denim Blues by Shirley Johnson
Denim Blues
4 x 4 in.
Glads by Shirley Johnson
5 x 7 in.
Miss Margarita by Shirley Johnson
Miss Margarita
4 x 4 in.
Pod Forest by Shirley Johnson
Pod Forest
5 x 7 in.