Anthony Pazos

Artist Statement:

It was not till the age of 24 that I learned how to draw, paint and obtain some mastery at rendering objects in 3D. The environment was in a medical school of Allied Health Sciences.

Probably one of the most “ atypical” places to learn art. The profession/career is called medical illustration. A combination of life sciences and art for the purpose of contributing to medical education. Upon arrival at the school you were already expected to be an accomplished illustrator but even more so a student of science and anatomy and or life sciences in general. This field has it's origins dating back to 1920, when artists started illustrating the body and were actually employed at hospitals in the USA. Photography had it's limitations so artists with science backgrounds were recruited to “ clean up” the image depicting all the needed organs, nerves and the artwork went into published medical books to make the learning curve easier for residents, fellows and even accomplished surgeons to glean information along with their hands on surgical training .This illustration profession carry's on even today. Sketching from cadavers was mandatory and also in the operating room.
My first e

Anthony Pazos
Memories on the Farm by Anthony Pazos
Memories on the Farm
24 x 60 in.
Nieces and Nephews by Anthony Pazos
Nieces and Nephews
34 x 38 in.
Racine Chalk Walk by Anthony Pazos
Racine Chalk Walk
48 x 24 in.
The Impending Storm by Anthony Pazos
The Impending Storm
40 x 40 in.
Young at Heart by Anthony Pazos
Young at Heart
24 x 60 in.