Audrey Dulmes

Artist’s Statement:

I am initially attracted to an outdoor scene, interior vignette or still life by the interplay of color and light. It is my intention to pull the viewers into the setting, causing them to enter the scene. My eye is excited by the subtle yet sensuous play of color, light and shape and it is my hope to convey this emotion to the viewer.

Audrey Dulmes
Back Road, Door County by Audrey Dulmes
Back Road, Door County
18 x 18 in.
Climbing Uphill by Audrey Dulmes
Climbing Uphill
Lavender Grey over Gold by Audrey Dulmes
Lavender Grey over Gold
19 x 14 in.
Orange Roof by Audrey Dulmes
Orange Roof
14 x 13 in.
Perpetual Dazzlement by Audrey Dulmes
Perpetual Dazzlement
15 x 15 in.
Waiting for Sunset by Audrey Dulmes
Waiting for Sunset
12 x 24 in.