Colleen Lohr

Artist Statement:

The most obvious attribute of my work is the use of color and design as a means of expression. For the most part, I rely on colors as a major element in projecting the emotional content in my works. One of the major objectives in creating my ink paintings is to use of brilliant and interesting colors to keep one focused on the subject matter.

I always choose to present my work in strong, bold colors, with an overall reliance on lines and forms to give it its distinctive nature. Through the use of these colors and forms, the subject is transformed into its essential, formative concepts, both of simple and complex nature.

As an artist I am constantly searching for diverse formats to express myself. This search has not only enabled me to create artworks that are unique and relevant to modern trends, but has also enhanced my aspiration of being innovative and resourceful, by creating imaginative, colorful pieces.

I work with a variety of media, ranging from inks and acrylics to oil. One of my latest endeavor is creating usable art with tile coaste

Colleen Lohr
City Slick by Colleen Lohr
City Slick
10 x 10 in.
Puddles by Colleen Lohr
10 x 10 in.