Patrick Doughman

Artist Statement:    

Being born in Oshkosh and moving to Cedarburg in the early 60’s gave Patrick Doughman’s Art strong Midwest roots. Being the son of an artist and educator instilled a passion for the arts at an early age.  Patrick received a BA in Art Education from UW- Platteville. He went on to proudly teach high school art for 35 years.  While at Platteville in the 70’s and he studied the work and lives of Regionalist Artists Grant Wood and Thomas Hart Benton. Their dedication to technique and recording the passion of Midwest life strongly influenced Doughman’s art.

Finding and exploring new and unique ways to express his ideas have always been important to him.  His work is constantly evolving.  His Art emphasizes, not only the relationship of figures in the composition, but also painting technique and application of color.  His interest in revitalizing the historic techniques of egg tempera, now makes up the bulk of his new work over recent years.  Doughman is a skilled printmaker, focusing on relief cuts.  He was privileged to earn his MFA at UW- Madison in the 80’s and trained under the guidance of accomplished Wisconsin printmakers Warri

Patrick Doughman
As I Stood There for a Moment by Patrick Doughman
As I Stood There for a Moment
16 x 16 in.
Bar Scene by Patrick Doughman
Bar Scene
24 x 21 in.
Beaten Path by Patrick Doughman
Beaten Path
18 x 24 in.
Ben at the Crossroads by Patrick Doughman
Ben at the Crossroads
14 x 24 in.
Benton Stare by Patrick Doughman
Benton Stare
21 x 21 in.
Brief Encounter by Patrick Doughman
Brief Encounter
17 x 23 in.
Daydreaming by Patrick Doughman
26 x 26 in.
EAT by Patrick Doughman
20 x 24 in.
Eviction by Patrick Doughman
18 x 23 in.
Headin' Home by Patrick Doughman
Headin' Home
20 x 20 in.
Hierarchy by Patrick Doughman
21 x 23 in.
Jealousy by Patrick Doughman
17 x 20 in.