Marc Anderson

Artist's Statement:

The metaphoric duality of light and dark has been present in the human consciousness since the time of our early ancestors.  Similarly, light has been the protagonist of painting since artist first put pigment to substrate. I carry on that tradition through observational, representational painting. Light informs so many things—more accurately, everything—we see. Fixating on light allows me to describe form in color temperature, value, saturation, and hue in a way that gives the viewer a sense of place. That’s the underlying goal. To communicate the feeling of a space with which the viewer’s connection is undeniable.

The rich hues and luminous qualities that oil paints provide have been an inevitable, if joyful vehicle for me to express what I see. Using a combination of thin, translucent washes coupled with thick, impasto paint application, the sculptural quality of the paint itself brings an image beyond a static, two-dimensional plane.

These tools and techniques lend themselves well to illuminating the beauty in the landscape as well as the tranquil, candid moments found in everyday life. B

Marc Anderson
Day on the Beach by Marc Anderson
Day on the Beach
14 x 11 in.
Floral by Marc Anderson
12 x 12 in.
Moscow Mules by Marc Anderson
Moscow Mules
24 x 24 in.
Neighbors Shared Bounty by Marc Anderson
Neighbors Shared Bounty
20 x 30 in.
Rock Bottoms Blues by Marc Anderson
Rock Bottoms Blues
12 x 24 in.
The Greener Grass by Marc Anderson
The Greener Grass
30 x 48 in.