Karen Williams-Brusubardis

Artist Statement:

Introspection of a Life Between 

There is something satisfying when painting tiny shapes over and over.  It satiates. Each shape forms into a completed object, or particle.  Each painting is a compound of these little objects.  Particles repeat, overlap, layer, connect, weave together to make a larger object.  The particles are building blocks of color.  They have their own identity, but they also contribute to the identity of the whole.  And then there is the space between each particle.

When I first heard of the Higgs Boson Particle, or God Particle, my imagination went full steam.  A primordial glue that connects all matter! The substance that unites us all into a whole composite organism! I had just finished my “Rebirth” series of landscape paintings in oil when a sudden sensitivity to the fumes forced me to stop.  As usual in art, conflict brings opportunity.  I needed to adapt.  This was my bottle-neck moment.  My paintings would either go extinct or I’d have to run with the new DNA, acrylics.  The “Particle Landscapes&rdquo

Karen Williams-Brusubardis
Craggy Hills #1 by Karen Williams-Brusubardis
Craggy Hills #1
8 x 10 in.
Particle Adjective - Mini #1 by Karen Williams-Brusubardis
Particle Adjective - Mini #1
3 x 6 in.
Seafloor Particles by Karen Williams-Brusubardis
Seafloor Particles
8 x 10 in.