Steven Agard

Artist Statement:

I have been making photographic images for over 50 years. I have exhibited in galleries and museums, developed and undertaken commercial applications from traditional color and monochromatic darkroom work to wide-ranging digital image making and processing, to large scale digital printmaking.

I have always been engaged in making personally expressive images. My “day job” of doing technical work for others has served my personal work well.  Earning a living while honing my craft on a daily basis has been critical to my work. Every day, I think about how to use those skills to make images that are new to my eye and not derivative. My work is grounded in photographic images, but moves those images onto new ground made possible by intentionally employed digital manipulation.

I gather raw photographic captures for my projects as I go through my ordinary life. Many images come from dog parks and other places along my habitual daily routes of travel. Common upper Midwestern landscapes dominate. I choose framing that gives me the raw material from which I can build a finished piece of personal expression.

Steven Agard
Landscape 86117 by Steven Agard
Landscape 86117
40 x 57 in.
Manifestation 2755 by Steven Agard
Manifestation 2755
40 x 40 in.
Manifestation II 2186 by Steven Agard
Manifestation II 2186
40 x 58 in.
Shimmer 1914 by Steven Agard
Shimmer 1914
58 x 40 in.