Joan Arend Kickbush

Seeking Wisconsin paintings by Joan Arend Kickbush - during her early years in Wisconsin. Sorry, do not have, and not looking for her Alaska period artwork.

Please fill out contact us form, if you have early Wisconsin artwork by the artist. Thank you.

Joan Arend Kickbush (1926, Milwaukee, WI – 2006, Delafield, WI)

Joan Arend Kickbush was a popular Alaskan artist, often featuring native Alaskan children, Yupik villagers and wildlife in her oil and watercolor paintings. Journalist, Phyllis Eilleen Lancaster said, "her style is realistic, with the charm and appeal of Hummel figurines.”

Kickbush started her artistic journey early while growing up in Wisconsin, stating “my mother said the best way to keep me quiet was to put me in a high chair with paper and pencil" during an interview with Jinx Whitaker, owner of New Hor

Joan Arend Kickbush