Theodore Czebotar

Seeking quality artwork - preferably early paintings - by Theodore Czebotar.

BORN: 8/28, 1915, Milwaukee, WI

DIED: 1996)

Theodore Czebotar was born into a polish family in 1915 and raised in Milwaukee. He showed an interest in the arts early, becoming a prolific cartoonist and poet while in high school. He set writing aside in favor of art when art critic, Henry McBride, encourage him to do so. After a disagreement with his high school art teacher, Czebotar dropped out and rode the train out West, sleeping in cemeteries and making sketches in return for food.

Czebotar soon settled down in Denver at a hobo camp for four months and began working as a WPA mural artist under Paschal Quackenbush and for the Federal Theatre Project as a scene designer. In 1936, he shared an apartment in San Francisco with short-story writer, John Lang. During this time, he became friends with William Saroyan, an American writer, who believed the arts should be separated from commerce. Czebotar agreed with him and would continue to dislike

Theodore Czebotar
The Night is Young by Theodore Czebotar
The Night is Young
18 x 24 in.