Herman A. Krause

Seeking paintings and woodcarvings by Herman A. Krause. Contact: info@GalleryofWisconsinArt.com

BORN: 1891, Brandenburg, Germany

DIED: 1958

Muralist, Herman Krause, was born in the province of Brandenburg, Germany in 1891 and brought to the United States when he was just 6 months old. His family settled on farmland in Medina, New York for six years before moving to Saint Louis and then to Lincoln County, Wisconsin, where they permanently settled on a forty acre piece of land.

Krause showed an interest in drawing at an early age, and was encouraged by his teachers. But he had to drop out of school at the fourth grade to work on the family farm. At the age of 19 began traveling as a logger to earn moree money for his family. He worked in Denver, Seattle, Portland, Spokane, Victoria, Vancouver Island, and San Francisco where he was able to visit art museums and parks.

Herman A. Krause