Chet La More

Seeking quality artwork by Chet La More - especially from the 1930 - 1940.

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BORN: Dane County, WI 1908

DIED: Ann Arbor, MI 1980

Born on a tobacco farm in Dane County, Wisconsin, Chet La More grew up in Madison and briefly attended the Layton School of Art in Milwaukee. Following that training, he went to Madison and was instructed by Arthur Colt, a student of Charles Hawthorn. 

He established a studio in Madison, doing figure and portrait painting, and increasingly realized how isolated he was from much of what was going on with American art, especially contemporary movements.  Unable to support himself with his painting, he took 'odd' jobs in a department store and taught an evening class in vocational art.  He also had his first one-person show, held at the student Union of the University of Wisco

Chet La More
Purple Haze by Chet La More
Purple Haze
7 x 9 in.
Supernumerary by Chet La More
12 x 9 in.