Kenn Kwint

Kenn Kwint: Milwaukee, 1937- Feb. 22, 2020

Kenn Kwint was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1937, and began painting at the age of 13. 

He received his training at The Layton School of Art in Milwaukee, spending three years as an apprentice in the studio of Plato Prokopis (1959-61). and later served in the Korean war.  Mr. Kwint has exhibited his artwork across the Midwest at numerous public museums and galleries. 

As an accomplished drummer and professional Jazz musician, Kenn spent much of his early adult life playing with Miles Davis and Stan Getz!

Kenn Kwint created a dynamic and expressive body artwork that crosses the disciplines of painting, drawing and printmaking.

"Painting from his mind’s eye, Kwint prepared his surfaces with various materials such as marble dust, acrylic medium and oil paint. Often, these materials were layered and mixed to create a richly textured surface. Kwint used various tools to carve and mark the surfaces of his paintings, revealing the foundational layers of medium and capturing a unique and expressive mark. Kwint's work explores the innate gestures of painting and acts as a record of his own personal energy. Kwint’s artwork is often non-objective and abstract, offering the viewer an invitation to contemplate and interpret their subjective meanings. His marks echo a primitive, symbolic language- recognizable, yet neither literal nor predi

Kenn Kwint
Credo #1 by Kenn Kwint
Credo #1
70 x 50 in.
Untitled by Kenn Kwint
48 x 60 in.