Robert Schade

BORN: June 11, 1861 in Tarrytown, NY

DIED: June 24, 1912 in Milwaukee, WI

Robert Scade was a talented, early Wisconsin, 19th century painter. Particularly noted for his portraits and still lifes - although he painted landscapes and murals as well.

Robert was born shortly after his parents emigrated to the US from Germany. In 1863 his family settled in Milwaukee where his father worked as a pressman for a German language newspaper.

In 1876, Robert began his art studies at a school run by the Milwaukee Art Association. He later studied under Henry Vianden for two years as a private student. Vianden encouraged him to attend the Royal Academy in Munich where he enrolled on October 7, 1878. Schade won a silver medal in Munich in 1881 and returned to Milwaukee the following year.

Schade was a member of the west side Turnverein in Milwaukee. In 1882 he painted a large mural in the Turnverein Hall, with a bust of Friedrich Ludwig Jahn - who was the founder of the Turner movement. Other murals for the West Side Turnverein were painted by George Peter and F.W. Heine.

By 1882, he set up a studio in the Arcade Block building, and by 1883 he moved his studio into the Iron Block where many other artists were located. From 1884-1886 he taught at the Milwaukee Art School. By 1887 he was working as a Panorama painter for August Lohr and Frederich W. Heine. They had purchased the Wells Street Panora

Robert Schade
Portrait of a Child by Robert Schade
Portrait of a Child
24 x 20 in.
Still Life with Jug by Robert Schade
Still Life with Jug
8.5 x 11.5 in.