Julius Segall

BORN: January 4, 1860 in Nakel an der Netze, Posen (now Poland)

DIED: January 20, 1925 in Milwaukee, WI

Julius Segall's mother Johanna, died just a month after his birth. His father Ludwig, remarried and immigrated to the U.S. in 1872 with his second wife and six children - including Julius. Julius appears in Milwaukee records for the first time in 1877. His father was a watch maker, and had a jewely store in Milwaukee, where Julius probably worked.

In 1881, Julius left Milwaukee to study art at the Royal Academy in Munich, where fellow-Milwaukee painter Robert Schade attended. By fall 1883, Segall returned to Milwaukee, followed by Schade. They acquired studio space together in the Iron Block Building on Wisconsin Avenue.

Segall married Regina Werner in Milwaukee on Dec. 30, 1889. Together they had two childern - Rose in 1890, and Edward in 1892. He gave some painting instruction in Milwaukee, but they moved to St. Paul, MN in 1890 where he taught drawing and painting at Hamline University and they remained until 1903. After some travel, they returned to Milwaukee in 1904, where they lived for the rest of their lives.

Segall painted mostly formal portraits - of every-day local workers, religious and genre portraits, and he did several paintings depicting women in peasant dress, although he also painted portraits of pets, socialites, public dignitaries, and officials.

Segall also enjoyed writing - from poet

Julius Segall
Portrait of a Woman by Julius Segall
Portrait of a Woman
23 x 17 in.