Mel Butor


Mel attended the Cleveland Institute of Art and graduated in 1952. 

He went on to study at Kent State University, Kent, OH with a B.S.E. in 1955.

He earned his M.A. also at Kent State in 1960.

He joing the faculty at UW-Madison about 1966, and retired around 1998.

In 1978 he said " My recent work shows my facination and involvement with the rfelcted image. An image that shrinks and expands and can catch the movement of the perceiver". His op/pop art paintings and mixed media creations "Make use of the full range of hues but the images remain linear, parallel, and repetitious."

Mel was represented by numerous galleries including galleries in Washington, D.C., St. Paul, MN, etc. He exhibited widely, and his work is included in numerous private and public collections around the country.


Mel Butor
Alcoholic by Mel Butor
26 x 21.5 in.
Back Alley by Mel Butor
Back Alley
31 x 25 in.
Back Bar by Mel Butor
Back Bar
18.5 x 36.5 in.
Offering Help by Mel Butor
Offering Help
20 x 12 in.