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To Inquire about selling Early Wisconsin Artwork


​1. CLEAR, Focused Photographs

  • Image of front and back and frame
  • Image of Artists signature, exhibition labels, dates, writing on back, etc.
  • Images of any significant flaws, condition issues
  • Images should be in JPEG format
  • Ideally Name image files with artist’s last name and title of work

2. Artist Name 

3. Title of artwork, and/or description of subject

4. Approximate date created (if known)

5. Dimensions of art, and frame dimensions

6. Medium

7. Condition - specifically describe overall condition and flaws

8. Provenance? How did you come to own it?

10. IF desiring to sell, whats your asking price, or what you think its worth?

Email information to: or text to 414-630-3600.

For a list of Early Wisconsin Artists of special interest, click HERE.


To Buy Contemporary Artwork

Contact the artist directly if their contact information is included on their bio page. Or, complete the form on the right (completely!) and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. or call the Gallery at 414-630-3600.


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